Understanding your audience is one of the strongest ways to grow business. Using profiles of the Millennial generation can help you figure out how young adult customers make decisions, how to reach those customers and how to persuade them to act.

By using some general patient profiles, dentists can stop asking vague questions such as, “How do I get new patients?” and start asking, “How can I reach the people who rely on word of mouth?” — people like Millennial Molly, a digital native who uses social media effectively to enhance her quality of life.

Create a Strong Social Presence

Millennial Molly starts her search for a new dentist by using a social media platform. She enjoys the ease of online communication, and she actively reads reviews and looks at engaging images to help her make decisions about where to spend her time and money.

She wants the assurance that you can give her the best service for her money. Do you have the information posted that she’s looking for?

Curate Your Reviews

Ensure that Millennial Molly sees an accurate online presence for your practice by carefully selecting what reviews are posted and where. As a discerning adult, she wants to be informed and engaged, and she wants to know that she’s choosing the right practice for her needs when she looks at your social media presence.

Attract All Patient Types

Millennial Molly will find you if you cultivate your website to meet her comfort zone, and in doing so, you will also meet the needs of many other potential patients.

The key is to reach patients where they’re looking online — whether that’s with search engine results or social media. Officite takes the stress out of figuring out a marketing strategy, offering professional website and marketing services to help you fill your schedule with new patients.

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