Does this scheduling scenario sound familiar? You’re waiting on a patient who’s taking their time scouring their family and work calendars — while the phone is ringing and patients are arriving. Of course, we’re glad to get appointments on the books, but better ways to fill your schedule are out there.

Appointments Appear Overnight

Current technology tools can return precious time to your staff while giving your patients more convenience — and filling your schedule even more easily. How? Self-booking.

Don’t get this confused with offering a contact form on your website. While that’s good for capturing an interested patient, staff still have to call the person back to set the appointment themselves.

In comparison, an online self-booking tool, such as Demandforce, offers 24/7 access for patients to schedule on their own time. You can benefit from an online booking solution that gives increased access to your schedule directly to patients so they can fill holes in your appointment book themselves, which helps to make your practice more productive and boost patient volume. 

Patients See the Slots You Allow

You’ll get the most benefit from a fully integrated online booking tool that allows you to easily customize access to your schedule, provider and operatory availability. Look for a solution that only shows the appointment slots and providers you allow, so you remain in control of your schedule. When you offer an intuitive and easy booking process, patients can schedule new appointments or re-care appointments anywhere, any time, so your schedule will fill itself.

Staff Get More Convenience

For your staff, your online booking should allow instant notifications in various ways: a web portal, email, mobile app or desktop app. Then, wherever your team is, all they have to do is accept (or flag or reschedule) the appointments. That’s a huge time savings compared to the 8.1 minutes[i] it takes for an average scheduling call.

Expand Your Booking Hours

While the typical dental office may only be open 32 hours a week[ii], online booking from a solution like Demandforce expands your patients’ scheduling opportunities to 168 hours a week.

The right technology tools help you make work easier for your team and improve relationships with your patients. Demandforce is an innovative communication tool that helps dental teams drive growth by attracting, engaging and reactivating patients.


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