Are you losing out because patients are hanging up before your team can answer the phone? That’s good money down the drain, since businesses that prioritize customer experiences can enjoy 4% to 8% higher revenue than competitors[i]. A smart phone system that integrates with your practice management software helps your team provide customer service that sets you apart, giving you an extra set of hands (and ears!) if you’re short-staffed.

Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Practice

The last thing you want for patients who call in is to give a bad impression that drives them to another dentist. You can provide excellent customer service (and give a boost to a team that’s running lean) with a phone system that picks up every call, even when your front desk team is busy with patients in the office. You’ll want a phone system that:

  • Answers calls promptly, so you don’t lose callers who hang up after five rings
  • Automatically directs calls to the right person in the office, to save your front desk team even more time spent answering and transferring calls
  • Lets you record custom greetings and choose hold music to improve patients’ experience

Save Even More Time With an Integrated System

These features are a good place to start, but you’ll get the best experience with a smart phone system that integrates with your practice management software. An integrated system like PhoneSight, which is an add-on to patient relationship management systems Dentrix Patient Engage gives a streamlined and easy experience that can help your team offer better patient care.

A fully integrated phone system like this helps your busy team be more efficient, showing everything they need at a glance so they can quickly serve patients. Your integrated system starts by matching the caller ID with patients in your practice management system, then displaying a popup window on your computer with all important patient information. When staff can see that an appointment is overdue or a balance needs to be paid, it helps increase revenue opportunities even as your team provides faster answers and better customer service.

Additionally, using an integrated phone system that runs in the cloud will allow your service to work across offices or locations. An associated mobile app is also valuable, enabling your phone system to route emergency calls to the doctor’s cell phone or let your team make and receive calls from the office phone number even when they’re offsite.

Use the Phone System That Helps You Get Patients

An integrated phone system might feel like a luxury, but it’s a necessity for your busy team, helping your practice attract patients and keep relationships strong. PhoneSight is an all-in-one cloud system that can go a long way towards helping you build a thriving practice. After all, it’s been shown that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% could potentially increase profits anywhere from 25% to 95%.[ii]

It’s time to put a stopper in that money drain. PhoneSight integrates with Dentrix Patient Engage and Demandforce to help you improve your service and capture opportunities for revenue.

Learn more about PhoneSight, so you can grow your practice like never before, by visiting Dentrix Patient Engage PhoneSight.