Did you know that you could save an average of 44 minutes per claim* by managing your insurance process electronically instead of manually?

From start to finish, electronic claim management streamlines the process by making it easier to verify patients’ insurance information before treatment, then submit and track insurance claims with just a few clicks.

Here are six ways that electronic claims help you save time and grow revenue:

1. Eligibility and Benefit Verification (10 minutes saved)

Automated insurance verification means that you don’t have to memorize dental plans, flip through a hefty three-ring binder, or constantly call carriers or visit their individual portals to verify information.

2. Claim Submission (4 minutes saved)

When your electronic claim software is built into your practice management system, you can submit claims within minutes.

3. Attachments (6 minutes saved)

Insurance carriers often want additional information to support a claim, but it can be a pain to make copies and print materials. Use software that validates claims before sending to reduce the likelihood of a rejected claim. Plus, many electronic claims can be adjudicated in real time, so you can collect from the patient at the time of the visit.

4. Claim Status Inquiry (13 minutes saved)

With electronic claims, you don’t need to visit different carriers’ portals or spend time on the phone waiting for an insurance rep to look up a claim and tell you the status — you can check it instantly at any time.

5. Claim Payment (4 minutes saved)

Paper checks take time: time for the insurance carrier to print it, time for the postal service to deliver it, time for you to deposit it at your bank. So why not move to electronic funds transfers (EFTs)? You’ll get paid faster, and you don’t have to worry about losing them or letting them expire.

6. Electronic Remittance Advice (7 minutes saved)

By switching to electronic remittance advice (ERA) — the electronic version of an explanation of benefits (EOB) — you can skip combing through paper files to find insurance payment information. Plus, if your claim software is integrated with your practice management solution, the information should go directly into your patient ledger.

To learn more, request your free copy of the white paper Electronic Claim Management With Dentrix. You can also take our free Insurance Management Assessment to get a detailed analysis of your claims process, including strengths and opportunities for improvement.

If you’re ready to make the switch, visit Dentrix eClaims at dentrix.com/eclaims or call 844.589.5586 to speak with a specialist.

*All estimates based on the 2019 CAQH Index.