Dental teams are so busy with many time-consuming tasks that are important — yet keep them from giving personal attention to patients.  

Using a patient engagement solution, such as Demandforce, that integrates with your practice management software can be a big time-saver, helping your team work more efficiently so they can focus on building strong patient relationships. Here are three ways to accomplish both goals. 

1. Simplify Patient Communication  

It’s easy to rack up hours on the phone just taking care of appointments. Your patient engagement software should allow you to have full control over openings in your schedule for patients to self-book. Being able to two-way text saves even more time, especially when you can do it from a desktop app on the computer or a mobile app when away from the office. Texting enables staff to answer questions quickly and is popular with busy patients.  

2. Reduce Paperwork Busywork With Online Patient Forms 

When you let patients fill out pre-appointment forms online, it’s a big time-saver. Your team doesn’t have to manually reenter information (and possibly introduce errors), and patients appreciate being able to do it ahead of a visit — instead of the time filling out paperwork in the office delaying when they can be seen. 

3. Improve Your Practice’s Reputation  

The best place to improve your reputation is the place everyone is going for information: online. But the internet has also made marketing more complicated. Lean on your software to simplify marketing tasks. Your solution should give you tools to manage your online reputation, such as easily soliciting patient reviews and promoting positive ones. You’ll also want a solution that provides templates for easy-to-create marketing campaigns that you can use to attract and keep patients. 

Grow With Comprehensive Tools 

The right technology tools help make work easier for your team and improve relationships with your patients. Demandforce helps dental teams drive growth by attracting, engaging and reactivating patients with an innovative communication tool that’s all in one. Learn more about Demandforce by visiting today.