If your billing practices have not kept up with modern practices, chances are it’s costing you! Many dental practices continue to send paper statements the same way because that’s just the way they’ve always done it. But the industry has evolved away from paper-based methods in the last two decades. Let’s look at the top three ways the latest technology helps improve your practice’s billing and collecting.

1. Paperless billing helps you save on overhead expenses.

Special stationery, envelopes that have to be printed and stored, ink cartridges — they’re never-ending expenses. And the cost of postage just keeps going up. Paper statements are expensive! Emailing statements instead with a service such as Dentrix QuickBill Email can almost eliminate these overhead expenses and save your practice thousands of dollars.

2. Paperless billing creates better workflows that give back time to your team.

We all know how time-consuming it is to print, fold, stuff, seal, stamp and send paper statements. Compare that to sending electronic statements, which just takes a few mouse clicks. What if you could save an hour or more a week for your team by removing the burden of sending paper statements? Imagine what you could do with that gained time! Sending statements by email and text message simplifies work for your team and lets them give attention to other tasks that could generate significant revenue.

3. Paperless billing helps you collect faster.

Do you ever feel like your practice is actually a loan office? Unfortunately, it can be easy to get into a negative cycle of a high ratio of unpaid accounts receivable. But it’s important for the office to collect money as quickly as possible because the value of these accounts continues to decrease over time. An electronic solution helps in two ways: It accelerates your billing process as you send statements as often as you want — even every day — and it helps you collect faster as you give patients more convenient ways to pay.

These key benefits of paperless billing can boost your practice’s finances by helping you save on overhead, save time for your team and give patients the convenient payment options they’re wanting. Learn even more ways you can benefit from electronic billing at my free webinar, “3 Ways Electronic Billing Can Increase Practice Profitability,” on November 10, 2021. Register today. (The webinar will also be available on demand afterward.) Or, if you are ready to get started with Dentrix QuickBill Email, request a product demo now or call 833-827-3966 to talk to an expert.

Dayna Johnson has more than 25 years of experience in the dental industry as a speaker, author and a certified Dentrix Trainer. She knows that your entire day revolves around your practice management software and the more you learn the more productive and stress-free your office will be.