With over 180,000 dentists practicing in the U.S., it can be difficult to stand out in the dental industry. A website that acts like a business card and nothing more doesn’t help. Keep your website from getting lost in the sea of dental practice websites by making it a powerful tool to help attract and retain patients. Here are four ways to make your website stand out from the competition. 

1. Make It as Distinctive as You Are 

Your current patients may love coming to you for a reason that isn’t obvious on your site. Maybe it should be. Ask yourself, “What makes my practice distinctive?” Then use those characteristics when designing your website. Try including photos and videos that highlight what your office looks like, offer testimonials of patients, showcase your connection to your community, or a combination of the above. Remember to keep the design clean, but have fun with it! 

2. Offer a Responsive, Mobile-Ready Site 

While your website may look good on a desktop computer screen, don’t forget to make it accessible on a smaller screen. Your on-the-go patients will really appreciate it if your website works on their smartphone or tablet. That means the text is large enough to read regardless of screen size, and menus work by touch. 

3. Keep It Up to Date 

Running a dental practice doesn’t have to mean also specializing in web development, but you still need to make updates regularly to your practice website. Some website development tools make editing easy, and you can also outsource the task of editing. Your patients will appreciate knowing your site has the timely information they need.  

4. Make It Easy for Patients to Connect With You 

While it’s still important to make it easy for patients to find your contact information on your site, today’s websites can also offer more interconnection. Personalized patient portals help your patients manage their forms to decrease check-in times and streamline appointments, and an online booking tool can let you keep full control over your schedule by increasing convenience for patients (24/7 self-scheduling? yes, please). 

Your practice website can be a powerful tool. And when its use is maximized, it can provide a great return on your investment. Don’t let it just hang out online, collecting the digital equivalents of rust and dust. Officite and Demandforce can help you master these four methods to boost your website’s appeal. For more insights, take our Practice Marketing Assessment. Or call us at 833-897-9003 to speak to an expert today!