A recent national survey revealed 88 percent of dentists are concerned about patients making their payments, and 86 percent are worried about maintaining their practice’s revenue (Bankers Healthcare Group, 2018).

In-office payment options are one solution to patient payment and revenue concerns, as are electronic statements. By combining them, you can provide your patients with a more satisfactory payment experience, help you earn more by collecting more and help your staff be more efficient when billing.

Here are four ways in-office payments and electronic statements work hand in hand to make your practice’s billing and collection a breeze:

1. Payment Flexibility

Providing your patients with payment options gives them flexibility – allowing them to pay at the time of service or later with an electronic statement. This also gives you confidence that you’ll get paid for your hard work.

2. Customizable Communication 

Different ways to pay means you can maintain your cash flow while being sensitive to your patients’ financial situations. No matter which way patients pay, you can customize communication with them to build a strong and trusting patient-doctor relationship.

3. Cost-Effective Billing

Dental practices spend anywhere from $275 to $422 per patient when they send direct mail to patients (MGE Management Experts, 2019). However, when you email statements that include a link to pay online, you save on envelopes, stamps and time printing, sorting and stuffing.

4. Enhanced Efficiency

Whether your patients chose to pay online or in office, you can provide them with a simplified and seamless payment experience. When you use your practice management system to store payment cards, you can eliminate manual processes — like entering credit card information — and bill patients on a payment plan or who have recurring payments, making paying and collecting even faster and easier.

Dentrix Pay and QuickBill Email work Better Together to give you all these benefits and more, creating a win for your practice as well as your patients. To learn more about these solutions, call 800.336.8749 or visit Better Together to learn more or request a demo.