By identifying how to meet the needs of many different customers, you can answer the questions that they have before they ever even set foot through your door. You want to assure your potential customers that you can satisfy their needs. That’s why it’s important to understand Dissatisfied Debbie, a mother who knows she has choice in where she gets her health needs met — so, at your practice, she can be Satisfied Debbie.  

Create a Strong Social Presence

Dissatisfied Debbie will begin by studying your site, and her search will lead her to social media reviews that she will take seriously as she begins to make her decisions. She actively reads reviews and needs to be reassured that your practice can meet her needs and her family’s needs. Are you going to fit the bill?

Curate Your Reviews

Negative reviews are a sure-fire way to lose a customer like Dissatisfied Debbie, especially if a review is about something that made her seek out a new practice in the first place. Carefully select your reviews to ensure an accurate online presence.

Attract All Patient Types

Dissatisfied Debbie is just one of the many potential customers whose needs you can meet by learning what questions potential patients are asking themselves about your online presence.

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