A strong patient communication solution is essential for any practice that wants to maintain an engaged patient base. When you emphasize patient engagement, you’ll find that patients feel like they matter to your practice. This can lead to better patient satisfaction scores, more referrals, and revenue growth.

Why should you consider a patient communication solution now? With a top-notch software, your practice can see five critical benefits that will improve your operations.

1. Improve Communication

Practices thrive when they have long-lasting relationships with a large patient base. But it’s easy for practices to experience high rates of patient abandonment. Staying in touch with patients beyond office visits is crucial to building strong bonds with patients.

Daily demands in a typical day can quickly add up, so it’s easy to get behind on patient communication. With a good software solution, you can automate patient outreach! Create email templates to send patients monthly newsletters, practice updates, and targeted emails.

2. Reduce Missed Appointments

Another advantage of patient communication software is that it offers patients the flexibility to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments with just a few clicks. By giving patients control over appointment scheduling, they will be more likely to keep appointments. As an added benefit, patients also have an easy path to alert you if they can’t make an appointment.

Automated appointment reminders are one of the most useful features of a communication software. You can set reminder intervals and let it do all the legwork. The best solutions feature multi-channel reminders across voice, email, and text. With that approach, you will be more likely to reach patients and ensure they read or hear your reminder messages.

3. Improve Patient Engagement

Some of the best-run practices have a true family feel. You can foster that type of strong patient engagement. Through your software, you should be able to stay in touch with patients and send them messages that reinforce your practice culture and values. With regular communication from you, patients will feel connected to your practice and stay loyal. This will also benefit your patient satisfaction scores online reputation.

4. Decrease Phone Time

By implementing patient communication software, you can cut down on the time staff members spend on the phone. Automated appointment reminders–delivered via voice, email, and text–eliminate the need for reminder calls. As more patients schedule appointments online or through the Patient Portal, you’ll see a drop in inbound front-desk call volume.

5. Grow Your Revenue

When you have an engaged patient community, you’ll see retention and loyalty increase. Happy patients will be more likely to provide reviews and word-of-mouth endorsements to help your practice grow!

Retaining existing patients and bringing in new ones are the cornerstones of a successful practice. Patient communication software helps your practice achieve higher revenue and success.

Check your patient communication software to ensure accomplishes each of these five benefits.  If it doesn’t, or you don’t have a solution, it’s time to consider Demandforce. Call 833.429.1132 or visit henryscheinone.com/demandforce today.