Patient relationship management (PRM) software is a must for every practice. PRM solutions can streamline your patient communication throughout the patient journey and foster stronger patient engagement. As digital communications have surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, having a PRM solution has become even more critical.

PRM software can also help you streamline front office tasks and empower you to deliver better quality experiences to your patients. However, not all PRM software is created equal. In order to get the best results for your practice, make sure your patient relationship management solution has these ten essential features that can help you build strong connections with your patients.

1 – Email Marketing

Whether you opt for regular newsletters or focused campaigns, your PRM should provide customizable templates to make it easy to showcase your brand and deliver relevant messages.

2 – Text Messaging

Look for bulk texting features that let you send important messages to patients, along with two-way texting, appointment reminders, and review requests.

3 – Appointment reminders

A high-quality PRM solution gives you the flexibility to schedule reminders at a cadence that works for your practice and patients while integrating seamlessly with your scheduling solution.

4 – Recall Messaging

A sound PRM solution must support automated recall messaging to let patients know when to schedule annual check-ups or other appointments.

5 – Online Booking

Today, consumers appreciate the convenience of scheduling appointments online for everything from hair appointments to vehicle maintenance. Medical practices can tap into this trend by selecting a PRM solution that offers online booking.

6 – Mobile Appointment Check-In

Advanced PRM solutions let you implement a fully contactless mobile check-in process—including day-of appointment reminders, screening forms, and text alerts to let patients know you’re ready to see them.

7 – Patient Portal

A Patient Portal is a key element of your PRM solution and should include an appointment dashboard, appointment scheduling, secure messaging, and opportunities to complete patient forms online.

8 – Patient Education

Your PRM solution can help you create patient-centered content for use on your website, email outreach, or in your Patient Portal.

9 – Reputation Management

Your solution should be able to send out automated review requests, receive alerts about new reviews, and push them out to the review sites of your choice.

10 – Satisfaction Surveys

Gathering insight with satisfaction surveys and acting on feedback is a must if you want to deliver exceptional customer service.

You may offer high-quality care when your patients visit your office, but you need to extend your focus to consider every touchpoint in the patient journey. A top-notch PRM solution can help you stay in touch with patients, recall inactive patients, and make appointment scheduling effortless.

If your current PRM software does not accomplish all 10 of these, it’s time to consider a switch. Visit Demandforce by Henry Schein One to take a deeper dive.