Communication continues to be of the utmost importance in this daily-changing period we are currently in and remain so in 2021. Maintaining regular communication with your patients is the best way to keep them informed about your practice. With nearly every American owning a smartphone, text messaging will continue to be the most ideal method for practices to quickly and efficiently communication with patients. Here are 3 ways text messaging can help 2021 start strong.

  1. One-Off Messaging

One-Off Messages are perfect for non-automated information and notifications for patients and can be used to give notice of adjusted office hours, request additional information pre-visit from patients or even respond to a patient’s inquiries and appointment requests. Additionally, one-off messages can be used to communicate to a specific segment of your patients, like those with upcoming appointments, no scheduled appointments, or any specific criteria. Create templates for specific patient segments you can then save for future use.

2. Reminders and Confirmations

Reduce no-shows and recall lost patients with fully-customizable appointment reminders sent via text. Patients can simply reply ‘C’ to confirm. Include pre-appointment instructions, like mobile check-ins, or any information related to COVID-19. Automated reminders and confirmations increases office efficiency while also helping make sure your patients keep their appointment.

3. Two-Way Texting

Provide flexibility to your patients to communicate with your practice at their convenience with a 10-digit textable phone number and respond instantly. It’s important that your patients are able to get a hold of you with any questions or concerns that they may have. Two-way texting is an excellent customer service tool that your clients will greatly appreciate during COVID-19 and beyond.

Start 2021 strong. Get better patient communication via text message with Demandforce.