The pandemic has truly changed the ways in which we interact with each other. We have seen the need for in-person interactions decline in light of public health safety. The old systems of pen and paper are quickly becoming obsolete. Digital tools in the healthcare system will increasingly become ubiquitous. Practices that embrace digital solutions now will become more resilient in the future and have a significant advantage over those who won’t.

Advantages to adopting digital tools

Many of the digital tools that are being adopted by the healthcare industry are not new technologies. These digital tools have simply met a moment of need, and will prove useful in the future as well. Here are some advantages your practice will benefit from when you transition along with this paradigm shift.

1. Increased efficiency

The most obvious advantage will be the efficiency at which you are able to run your practice. Automations like mobile check-in and appointment reminders will streamline appointments, allowing you to see more patients each day. Virtual waitlists can keep your practice organized by keeping an accurate list of patients who would like an appointment in the future.

2. Increased productivity

You can eliminate tedious tasks and position your staff to maximize work productivity by introducing tools like Demandforce to your internal process. Desktop application allows your staff to respond to and initiate Two-way Text conversations to offer personalized customer service. Additionally, new appointment requests and confirmations notifications conveniently pop up on your desktop ensuring that your calendar is always in sync.

3. Increased patient satisfaction

Throughout the pandemic nearly all business industries have shifted towards online communication as a standard. Shopping and entertainment have largely moved online. As a result, a greater expectation of enhanced digital communication has emerged. Patients are increasingly expecting easy digital experiences in all aspects of this new pandemic-life, including the doctor’s office. Digital tools like a virtual wait listing and mobile check-in can help streamline patient check-in by eliminating pens and paper and enhancing patient health and safety in the process.

As we continue to adjust and adapt to the challenges of living through the pandemic, digital tools are quickly becoming essential for all industries. Many practices may choose to wait before they implement digital tools with the hopes that life will go back to normal. Use this moment to propel your practice forward as one of the leaders in a certain and obvious paradigm shift.

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