Research* shows that patients want dentists who are friendly, treat them as individuals, show interest in them, and interact with them. Your relationship with your patients attracts new patients and keeps existing patients loyal. Use the pandemic as an opportunity to build stronger relationships with your patients, which positively affects your bottom line.

Here are four ways your practice can leverage your practice management system to build those lasting relationships.


Use the email templates in your software to easily customize and send messages to patients you may not have seen in a while. Inform them of your COVID-19 policies and the measures your practice has taken to help ensure their safety. Consider including a “request appointment” button in the email to encourage patients to get back on the schedule.


Creating campaigns customized to specific events — patient birthdays, holidays, seasons, etc. — is a fun way to keep connected with your patients throughout the year and to let them know you value your relationships with them. Your software can make it easy to automatically send regular greetings.


Use your software to create campaign templates to gather different kinds of reviews from your patients, such as Google or Yelp reviews or Facebook “Likes” etc., to build your practice’s online reputation. Plus, involving your patients in promoting your practice increases loyalty while it helps you attract new patients.


Customize email templates in your software to inform patients of special promotions, like whitening specials, Reveal Aligners, Invisalign or smile makeovers. Your software’s built-in patient messaging is a great marketing tool for promoting specific types of procedure specials that can be targeted to all patients or a specific set of patients.

Dentrix Patient Engage offers a Campaign Studio to help your practice build lasting relationships and loyalty, helping you attract and keep patients and keep your practice busy. To learn more about how customizable campaigns can positively affect your bottom line, call 833.288.9414 or click here for a demo.