Social distancing is still the most effective defense against COVID-19. As patients come back into your office, you’ll be making the appropriate contact adjustments for in-person appointments. Managing the number of patients in your office will limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect your employees and your clients. To make this process easier, utilize two-way texting to help you and your staff maintain in-office safety.

Two-way text allows patients to fill out intake forms from a mobile device prior to their appointment. This is a simple and effective way to manage the number of patients in your waiting room. You’ll be able to give access to online forms for both new and existing patients. Here are 4 reasons why you should implement a mobile appointment check-in, especially during the pandemic:

1.            Helps implement social distancing

Using a mobile appointment check-in to manage customer flow will help implement social distancing as a daily practice. This will lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission inside your practice.

2.            Streamlines check-in process

Reduce the time your front desk staff needs to spend doing intake. By implementing this feature you’ll also be giving your staff more time to focus on and assist with other patient needs.

3.            Eliminates the need to touch common surfaces

Continue to keep your staff and patients safe by eliminating the use of paper and pens during check-in. Mitigate COVID-19 risks by limiting the need for patients to touch common surfaces. This will, in turn, reduce the amount of items your employees need to disinfect.

4.            Improves customer service

Patients want to feel safe when returning to your office, and the safety measures you provide will keep them comfortable enough to come back. These days’ patients expect features that keep them safe, while also allowing them to enjoy services.

As patients continue to make appointments for services they’ve been in need of, in-office safety will be one of their top priorities. Mobile check-in is the most effective way to manage how many people are in your office at a given time, and reduce the need for patients to touch common surfaces. When patients feel safer visiting your office, they are more likely to continue coming back throughout the pandemic.

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