During a time where speedy and impersonal communication is rising in popularity, it’s easy to assume that speed may be the only thing that is important to your patients’ experience. However, there is so much more involved. Here are 3 easy ways to show your appreciation and keep your customers returning – happily.

1. Thank you notes

A great time to send a thank you note is for a milestone. Whether you’re celebrating another year of successful business or your patient’s anniversary, sending a personalized thank you note is an effective and simple way to show appreciation. The personalization can stop after their first name, or can go as far as the exact amount of years they have been a part of your practice. You can also pair this note with a special promotion, but insert those wisely and sparingly.

2. Off-season gifts & offers

Offering your patients an off-season gift can be a pleasant surprise for them, and help your practice stand out. Ideally, the gift is relevant to you and one they want to use. Whatever you decide to go with, be sure to pair the gift with a card and wrap it so the gesture is clear.

3. Accept & implement their feedback

One of the most powerful ways to show your customers appreciation is to listen to their feedback, and make changes when you can. Patients want to feel heard, and your practice’s processes, services and products should always be tailored to their preferences. You can read their online reviews, or send out an annual survey to get more specific answers and opinions. In order to ensure your patient’s feel appreciated, make an announcement once you’ve made a change that they have asked for. This is the type of email campaign that will get high open rates because your customers will be intrigued to learn about the new changes and how they will benefit them.

dKeep your customers coming back with these simple appreciation strategies and you’ll never worry about unnecessary turnover. If you’d like to see examples of these types of email campaigns, CLICK HERE to schedule a Demandforce demo today.